I'm happy to say that I'm very close to a complete draft of Sidewinders, the Sequel to Master Assassins. While I don't have a publication date I can announce yet, once the draft is finished that will be the next order of business.


Sidewinders is a more ambitious novel in many ways than Master Assassins, with a host of new characters and locales (although Kandri, Mektu and their allies remain at the heart of the story).

As someone who always wants to read the next chapter, I do understand how hard it is to wait, and I'm thankful beyond words for your eagerness. It's been a tough year in lots of ways for me and my family, however, and that's taken a toll on my writing speed.

The good news is that I won't let adversity erode my standards. As I did with Master Assassins, I'm giving Book II my all. If you liked the first volume, I think you'll find the second an even wilder, smarter, stranger, funnier, and overall more satisfying ride.

Meanwhile, as a little thank-you for your patience, here's an illustrated excerpt you can download and read.