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Shorter Works

"Vanishing Point" (Novelette) appears in Issue 176 (May 2021) of Clarkesworld.
"Thasha's Cure for Cabin Fever" is a bridge story of sorts between the last book in The Chathrand Voyage Quartet and future books about Pazel, Thasha, Felthrup, Sandor Ott and other I.M.S. Chathrand survivors. The story's published in the wonderful anthology Unfettered III from Grim Oak Press.

"Nocturne," another novelette, appears in Unfettered I.

"Forever People" appears in Fearsome Journeys, edited by Jonathan Strahan.

"Uncrossed River," an essay about my chance encounters with the late River Phoenix, won the 2004 New Millennium Writings Award and was published in the Spring 2004 issue of New Millennium Writings.

Works in Progress

The Fire Sacraments epic fantasy trilogy is my overriding project at the moment. I'm working like mad on the third and final volume, Siege.

I do have other novels underway, however, including The Silent War, a new novel set in the world of The Chathrand Voyage, and two books set in the American South.

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