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A lone caravan braving a desert twice as wide as the Sahara. A mad queen bent on revenge. A global crime syndicate. A 300-year plague. Dueling spy guilds. Spirits who feed on human souls.

And at the heart of it all, Kandri and Mektu Hinjuman: the two most wanted men in a war-torn world. 

Sidewinders, the second book in The Fire Sacraments trilogy, is a longer, stranger, and even more ambitious tale than Master AssassinsIt follows Kandri and Mektu through the Sumuridath Jal, the Ravenous Lands, a desert of terrible size and innumerable wonders.

Now part of a caravan led by a severe desert Master, the brothers must cross this land of monsters and magic, lost cities and gemlike oases, shapeshifting thieves and famished ghouls--all the while pursued by the fanatical legions of Her Radiance the Prophet. Their destination: Kasralys, the great 3000-year-old Fortress City beyond the sands, where the knowledge they carry may bring about the end of a centuries-old Plague, and where Kandri prays he will find his lover, Dr. Ariqina Nawhal, years after she vanished without a trace.


But Sidewinders also follows the stories of the generals, princes, spies, and scholars whose lives are intertwined with the city--and the looming siege that will decide the fate of the world. All roads lead to Kasralys, and all the world's clashing powers want the gift Kandri and Mektu are bearing to its people. If they fail, disease, death, and corruption must triumph. If they succeed, the world has a fighting chance.