• Robert V.S. Redick

Publication date (firm and final) for SIDEWINDERS.

Updated: Jan 31, 2021

Very sorry to tell you that the publication of Sidewinders, the sequel to Master Assassins, has been delayed to July 6th.

Covid has affected production schedules across the industry, and Talos Press has not escaped. I’ve actually suspected that a delay was likely for a couple of weeks, but I did not wish to broach the subject until I could also announce the new date with certainty.

To my patient readers: thank you for understanding, and I’m sorry. There’s no one and nothing to blame except the virus, but it’s still frustrating. Sidewinderstakes the story light years beyond Master Assassins, and I desperately want it out there.

And it can't be said too often that I’m grateful for every one of you. No author can know in advance how a story will be received, but you’ve made it clear that Kandri and Mektu’s story matters to you, and that’s a gift.

Please stay as safe as you can in this world of traps and monsters. See you in Urrath on the 6th of July!

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