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The New Desert Epic Fantasy by

Robert V.S. Redick, author of The Red Wolf Conspiracy

Master Assassins

"This book has everything I love. Clean, crisp worldbuilding. Characters that live and breathe. A story that teases and surprises me. I like this book so much I wish I'd written it, but deep down I know I couldn't have written it so well." 

 - Patrick Rothfuss

I read a lot of good books. Quite a few very good books. This is one of the rare 6-star series openers I've encountered.

 - Mark Lawrence


"An exquisitely written mix of heart-stopping action, masterful storytelling and enchantment. Redick is a gifted wordsmith with a ferocious imagination."

 -Mira Bartók

A blazingly smart thrill-ride of an adventure... I can't recommend this book highly enough.

 - Daryl Gregory 

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