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An epic fantasy about war, fanaticism, betrayal, demonic possession and brotherly love.


Zafri Hinjuman was never meant to be a soldier. His brother Mektouh was never meant for this world. Rivals since childhood, they are drafted into a horrific war led by a madwoman-Prophet, and survive each day only by hiding their disbelief. Zafri is good at blending in, but Mektouh is hopeless: impulsive, erratic—and certain that a demon is stalking him. Is this madness or a second sense? Either way, Zafri knows that Mektouh’s antics will land them both in early graves. Read full teaser text...

Coming March 6, 2017 from Talos Books

Advance Praise for Master Assassins:

"This book has everything I love: clean, crisp worldbuilding. Characters who live and breathe. A story that teases and surprises me. I like this book so much I wish I'd written it, but deep down, I know I couldn't have written it this well." 

- #1 NYT Bestseller Patrick Rothfuss

Author of The Name of the Wind

A note to my readers: in Master Assassins, you'll find a new world, a new family, new magic and monsters—and perhaps a familiar, exuberant madness. 

I know it's been a long wait. Thank you for your ten thousand gifts of encouragement, understanding and good humor. Thank you for giving me the time to tell it right—and for wanting it yesterday nonetheless. It all helped.


Robert V.S. Redick

Though tyrants may command that lamps be smashed

in rooms where lovers are destined to meet,

they cannot snuff out the moon.   - Faiz Ahmed Faiz

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