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Please note: this letter is not yet public. Status update at bottom of page.

A Message from U.S. Writers to the World:





We the undersigned poets, novelists, playwrights, essayists, short story writers, children's book authors, screenwriters and others working in the literary arts—like people the world over—are appalled by the belligerence and inhumanity of the Trump administration.


We believe in a world where compassion, justice and reason guide human affairs. We endorse diplomacy, human rights, and self-determination as cornerstones of global order.


We utterly denounce this administration’s ignorant and inflammatory rhetoric directed at Muslims and the Islamic faith, and the unjust policies towards Muslims the administration pursues.


As creative writers, we grasp the urgency of denouncing bigotry, hatred and calculated dishonesty—the very fabric of the false narratives that harm us all. 


We count empathy and imagination among our professional tools, and know that any government which rejects them must fail its people and the world. 


We recognize our country’s long and bitter history with racism and violence, and the harm these have done to ourselves and the world. We know that Donald Trump did not invent the politics of fear and resentment, however eargerly he fans the flames.


We commit to resisting bigots, ultranationalists and white supremacists; to speaking truth in the face of their lies and threats; to raising our voices higher when they try to silence us; to defeating them at every turn.


Like you, we reject their agenda of hate. We imagine, and continue to work for, a world at peace.


[Writers: add your name by contacting Robert V.S. Redick. We are in the first stage of this campaign, looking for 30 prominent signatories. A nationwide open appeal for signatories will follow. When we reach 400 signatories we will start raising funds for the mass publication of this letter online and in print. More information available upon request.]